A 5 days workshop from August 24.-28., 9 AM-4PM
with Creative Directors

Nancy Campbell and Trevett McCandliss

Danish School of Media and Journalism,

Emdrupvej 72,, 2400 Copenhagen NV

2400 Copenhagen NV


Some of the most interesting magazine pages are created with limited resources. We will show you how to make work that breaks out from the ordinary and inspires the reader. You will find ways to take your unique talents and apply them to magazine design in new and innovative ways. Imagine that you just got  an exciting new job. You will have complete creative freedom, but a limited budget.

During the class you will learn how to create conceptual typography and how to take page design to the next level. You will discover ways to find or create images to help you tell your story.

The weeklong assignment will be to design a cover, a couple of department pages, and feature story openers. You’ll get to experiment and learn to create work that has a strong editorial voice and unique identity.

In the end, you will discover that strong concepts are the key to brilliant magazine pages, no matter the budget.