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Educator: Creative Director ED LEVINE,
Psychology Today and Levine Design, Inc., USA

August 26.-30., 2013, 9 am – 4 pm

Danish School of Media and Journalism
72 Emdrupvej
2400 Copenhagen NV

DKK 6.875,00 incl. 25% Danish Vat
(light breakfast, lunch and coffee/cake are included)

Number of attendees
Max 25

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Online registration for the Magazine Design Summer School:
The Art of the Conceptual Idea

Who is it for?
The Masterclass is for everyone who professionally works with the design of magazines: art directors, designers and »layout-people«.

Course Description
»For everyone who has ever wondered ‘how did they come with that’ solution or felt ‘I wish I had thought of that idea’. This is the course for you.

The goal to put the ART back in Art Direction. Learning how to take an edited manuscript and as Art Director develop the skills needed to create fresh personal editorial solutions instead of literal interpretations of the text.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • The role of the Creative Art Director.
  • The Art Director/Editor partnership.
  • The Myth of Originality.
  • How to think conceptually.
  • Covers as posters.
  • Now that you have a great idea how to pitch and sell it to your Editor.
  • Fusing the relationship of images and text in feature design.
  • How to organize and pace magazine sections to create a well navigated reader experience.
  • Color palates.
  • Working with Photographers, Stylists, and Illustrators to get the best results.

Each class will begin with a lecture covering a different area of magazine Art Direction followed by a daily assignment with a critique of the day’s project at the end.
Image and text files will be provided for each project.« Ed Levine

Course outline

  • The Masterclass is primarily seen as an inspirational hands-on workshop course for you, who professionally works with Editorial Design.
  • The Masterclass will be an interaction between Editorial Design lectures and working with various assignments.
  • An important part of the course is the substantial critique/discussion component about design of the magazine between educator and student.
  • You will get a close insight into how Ed Levine thinks and works with magazine design and conceptual idea generation from his longtime work in practice.
  • Masterclass language: English.

About Ed Levine
Ed Levine, Creative Director for Psychology Today Magazine and principal of Levine Design Inc, www.levinedesign.com. In addition to his work at Psychology Today he has held Art Director positions at Oprah At Home, Sports Illustrated, Maximum Golf Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, and consulted on magazines including ESPN, Esquire, New York Magazine, InStyle, and Men’s Health.

His work has received Gold and Silver Medals from the Society of Publication Designers (SPD) and was selected for inclusion in the 57th Annual Type Directors Club (TDC) Annual and Exhibition. A native New Yorker and graduate of The School of Visual Arts.

Work by Ed Levine
A visual presentation of the work of Ed Levine